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guise, who’s up for some shipping? send me your name :) 

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Shall I do some ships? I need only your name, leave it in our ask :) 

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Dearest followers I’m gonna go now, so no more personal imagines from me for now. Maybe some other time I will do some ships or more personal imagines :)  

Love, Yàna xx

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diffindo-deactivated20131204 said:
My name's Rosa and I love Niall. :]

#Imagine you and Niall have been best friends for a long time now, but you’re secretly in love with him and you want him to be your boyfriend. What you don’t know, is that Niall likes you as well but is too shy to say it. One evening, Niall sends you a text message saying: ‘Please come meet me in the park tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be waiting for you near the biggest tree.’ You have no idea what this is all about, but you decide to go anyway.

So the next day, you go to the park and search for the biggest tree. When you arrive, you see Niall standing there, all dressed up, waiting for you. You walk up to him and notice that he is extremely nervous. ‘Hi Niall, what’s up?’ you say, and Niall answeres: ‘Rosa, I have to tell you something.’ ‘What is it?’ you ask. He replies: ‘I’m in love with you Rosa. I’ve always been, but I was afraid to tell you. I’m sorry, if you don’t feel the same way that’s—-’ You interrupt him and kiss him on the lips, and this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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Anonymous said:
Ayako, Harry!

#Imagine your parents tell you that you’re moving to London. At first, you are really sad because you have to leave your friends behind. But when you arrive in your new house, and start decorating and stuff, you are starting to settle and you actually enjoy it. You make new friends who turn out to be Directioners, just like you. You decide to all go to one of the shows together.

When the show starts, the boys announce that they’re bringing fans on stage again, to see how that goes this time. Everyone is tweeting and trying to get noticed, but it’s your tweet that’s on the screen suddenly. You get called on stage and Harry sings ‘More Than This’ to you. He then hugs you tightly and asks for your name. You tell him your name and he says: ‘Thanks for being here Ayako, enjoy the rest of the show!’ 

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